Secure Your Family's Financial Future

Let’s face it, finances, investments and budgeting in today’s times are nothing like what your grandparents experienced. Throughout the decades, layers of the national debt, increased inflation and the initiation of the massive baby boomer retirement movement have left a lot of things that seemed quite simple to navigate in the past almost impossible to sift through and figure out today. Especially retirement and tax-free investment tools.

As a respiratory therapist and registered nurse, I worked in the healthcare field for over 12 years, helping people get better and ensuring they had the tools to stay healthy when I was not around. Although my job was crucial to the well being of many, working the standard 40 hours a week wasn’t enough to support me and my two children. Sadly, this is all too familiar to a lot of hard-working individuals in our country. I knew at some point things had to change. I couldn’t continue living paycheck to paycheck, unable to save for my retirement and my kid’s futures. That’s when I decided to find a way to secure how most people like me could finally get ahead.

Almost like an extra job, I spent countless hours learning, reading, and studying how money truly works and how some of the wealthiest people in our country are able to sustain their wealth, even in troubling times. Many licenses and certifications later I began my career as a wealth consultant to the same type of people who were left in the dark about money such as myself. Since then I have built a successful firm that specializes in areas of retirement, budgeting, children’s wealth funds, life insurance, estate planning, and debt reduction solutions. Now I help individuals just like you form a customized financial plan to help them get to their desired financial destination.

It’s your turn now. I’m excited to help you navigate this very important part of your life, let’s do it!